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Empowering Workforce Expansion – Kirby's Transformational Journey


Kirby, founded in 1964 by visionaries Tom and Michael Kirby, has evolved into a leading provider of mechanical and electrical contracting services. With an expansive reach encompassing Ireland, the UK, and mainland Europe, Kirby boasts a direct workforce of over 1,000 employees and a deployed strength exceeding 2,000 professionals across Europe. Achieving a remarkable €293 million annual turnover in 2020, Kirby has solidified its position as an industry powerhouse.

Type of Work

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Management

Challenges Faced

Disproportionate Ad Spend vs. Website Traffic

The company's considerable ad spend was not yielding commensurate website traffic, causing budget inefficiencies.

Subpar Lead Generation on Social Platforms

Kirby's social media lead generation efforts were underperforming, impeding the growth of their workforce, critical for addressing the rising demand for their contracting services.

Our Impactful Approach

Website Performance Audit and Strategy Analysis

We initiated our intervention by meticulously auditing the website's performance and scrutinising the existing digital marketing strategy.

Tailored Facebook and Instagram Campaign

Armed with data-driven insights, we devised a comprehensive campaign that strategically targeted prospective mechanical and electrical engineers actively seeking promising job placements.

Results Achieved

Enhanced Social Engagement

Within the specified timeframe, the campaign ignited a surge of interest, propelling clicks on shared links to an impressive count of 1,893.

Expanded Reach Across Platforms

The campaign's potency was evident in its far-reaching impact, amassing a remarkable 214,190 impressions across multiple social media platforms.

Strategic Ad Spend Optimisation

Through strategic recalibration, our team remarkably optimised the ad spend, reducing the Cost-Per-Click (CPC) to an astonishing €0.33 while managing an ad spend of €625.51.

Amplified Audience Engagement

Leveraging the power of social networks, the campaign resonated with 88,638 individuals, bolstering Kirby's appeal within the targeted demographic.








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His knowledge is 2nd to none and he explains everything in a clear concise manor. Pradeep and his team would only enhance any business out there they are definitely worth a call

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