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Established in 1964 by Tom and Michael Kirby, the business has grown to offer mechanical and electrical contracting services across Ireland, the UK, and mainland Europe. The firm directly employs over 1,000 staff and has over 2,000 people deployed across Europe, even reaching a €293 million annual turnover in 2020.

Challenges Faced

The ad spend of the company was relatively high compared to the amount of traffic getting to the website, burning through the marketing budget.

Lead generation across social sites also had a subpar performance, slowing the growth of the business since it needed to tap into more qualified engineers to address the demand for the company’s contracting services.

How We're Helping

We audited the website’s performance and digital marketing strategy and put together a Facebook and Instagram campaign based on the analyzed data. This campaign targeted the prospective electrical and mechanical engineers looking to looking for job placements in order to expand the form's workforce.

Campaign Result

Within the period under review [insert specific duration, i.e no of weeks or months], this was the new trajectory:

Clicks on the links posted onto the social sites increased to 1,893
Posts made 214,190 impressions
Performance on the social networks improved, reaching 88,638 individuals
Ad spend was optimized, with a total cost of €625.51 and the CPC being reduced to €0.33.

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