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Lois Bridges

Lois Bridges is a treatment center in Ireland
Lois Bridges


Lois Bridges is a treatment center in Ireland that specializes in eating disorders. The practitioners are pulled together from different fields, from Psychiatry, Psychology, and Psychotherapy, to Nursing, Social Work, and Family Therapy fields. The business has made a name for itself, winning the 2017 “Specialist Care Centre of the year" award and being shortlisted for the “Mental Health Centre of the year" and “Clinical team of the year" awards. However, their growth hasn’t been without challenges.

Type of Work

  • Google Ad Management

Challenges Faced

The business’s initial web design had various faults. For instance, the navigation was problematic, ruining the experience of users as they move across the different sections of the site. The brand presentation on the website was also not clear, making it difficult for the target audience to understand the product offering.

It also had an impact on lead generation, where the website's forms did not deliver messages to the backend or the email address associated with it. This meant that even when interested people fill the form or call directly, the business is unable to configure messages from it.

The business reputation was also faced with challenges, especially negative results in search results, including news and third-party websites. These impact the brand.

How We Helped

We put Online reputation management (ORM) strategy in place, complete with Lead Generation and SEO. This included signing up the business for Google Analytics, Search Console, and Google My Business, with the three of them being interconnected. Our team created Goals and Views in Google Analytics to track the conversions, with the tool being ideal for tracking user behavior and demographics, and we then use the data to plan the actions that follow. Tools like Google Search Console come in to track the performance of the business’s URLs, check for errors, find search terms where the Lois Bridges website got ranked and improve the performance of the organic results.

For the ORM, we focussed on dealing with the negative image affecting the brad. While we can't remove the information that is on third-party websites, we focused on pushing these results out of the top search result pages, adding more positive results instead.

Campaign Result

Impact On Searches: 15 of the keywords optimized for rank in the top 10 and, out of these, 10 keywords are in the top 1-3 ranking

Traffic To The Website:

  • The total number of users has increased by 133%.
  • New users alone increased by 136%
Website Usage:
  • Sessions increased by 131%
  • Pageviews increased by 111%.
  • Bounce rate reduced and average visitors spend at least 3mins on the website.

These results impacted the business directly, with Lois Bridges seeing their conversions shoot up by 62% within the period analyzed.










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