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Mag Asset is a wealth management firm based in Geneva, Switzerland. It works with clients at an individual level, looking into their portfolios and financial goals, and developing strategies that will increase their returns while remaining with the individual’s risk tolerance. The firm also handles investment portfolios for family offices, trusts, and provides endowment contracts, ensuring the strategies implemented are within the requirements of the tax environment being operated in.


  • A high bounce rate (at 90%), meaning visitors were barely staying on the website.
  • Negative reviews, which are a drag on the business especially with the tough competition in the financial industry, where trust is everything.
  • Low functionality of the website affected navigation and access of material for persons interested in hiring the wealth management services, as well as duplicate content which bogs down the website and its ranking.


With Mag Asset, we used a 3-pronged approach over the course of three months:

i. SEO
Resolving technical errors on the website were prioritized, in order to improve user experience. Issues like excessive padding on the pages, inaccessible content due to landing pages being password protected, repetitive CTAs, and duplicate content were also resolved. New content was generated – both seasonal and evergreen, to rank for organic keywords and also increase user retention on the website. The generated content was in both English and French languages, to cater to the different audiences of the business. In order to counter the negative reviews, we published positive content on multiple platforms for Google’s web crawlers to pick and index, as well as set up backlinks from high domain authority websites.

ii. PPC
We reviewed the ad strategy with the aim of increasing the ROI and reducing the site’s bounce rate. Overhauling the current ads and pushing forward fresh material that the audience will relate with was an integral part of the process. We integrated Google Products into the strategy, including Google My Business.

iii. Facebook Marketing
This involved setting up the website on the social media platform to engage its audience and push content. This was key especially after the backlash it received which had caused its negative reviews to show up in 2nd position on search results.


While the operations were carried out for just 3 months, we saw significant milestones, including:

  • The bounce rate decreased from 90% to 43%, with more visitors remaining on the website and navigating around it to learn more about the business’’ financial products.
  • Reduced the CPC from €2.45 to €0.68, while increasing the return from the ads posted.
  • Within the first month, there was an increase in leads generated, shooting up from a flat 0 to 38.
  • Negative reviews were pushed down from 2nd position to 18th, improving the brand image and increasing confidence in the business.

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