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MLI has been in operation for 40 years helping families find insurance products to protect themselves from unfortunate incidences in life. This cuts across the board, from income protection insurance, serious illness cover, and mortgage protection, to life insurance. Advisors from the firm recommend policies from different providers that will be in line with the individual’s and family’s life goals, at the most affordable rates.

Challenges Faced

The business growth was being stifled by the slowed performance of the website and its numbers. This was caused by factors ranging from technical issues with the website itself that affected the user experience, to the marketing strategies being used which were actually causing there to be an increased ad spend that resulted in the company bleeding through its marketing budget.


I have recently acquired e Services of Salt Marketing for a new Website and SEO Package. I could not be more impressed with how things have gone so far. Pradeep and his team have done an amazing job on my Website and any alterations or changes I have requested were done straight away. Top class customer service and I would highly recommend them to any company looking at a new website or SEO.

How We're Helping

A wholesome approach was required for the business including:

Website Development to revamp the website in line with SEO best practices, including API Development and providing new updated content for the site
SEO covering both organic and paid traffic, and this was inclusive of developing new ultra-targeted PPC campaigns to reduce CPC and CPL while increasing the clicks and leads respectively.

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