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My Life Insurance

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My Life Insurance


With a remarkable 40-year journey, My Life Insurance has stood as a beacon of protection for families, safeguarding them against life's uncertainties. Their unique approach focuses on delivering tailored outcomes to clients, recognising that each family's needs are as distinctive as they are. Their commitment extends beyond offering insurance – it's about crafting a personalised safety net for families.

Type of Work

  • Content Development
  • Website Development
  • Website Maintenance

Challenges Faced

Personalised Recommendations

My Life Insurance aimed to provide a personalised approach, offering tailored recommendations from various providers, all accessible with ease and speed.

Seamless Integration

Integrating the expertise of five diverse insurance providers into a unified platform presented a complex technical challenge.

Streamlined Health Form

Creating a seamless transition from obtaining a real-time quote to completing a comprehensive health form required meticulous integration.

Client's Vision

My Life Insurance aspired to redefine insurance, offering customers personalised and timely recommendations and allowing them to access the information they need quickly and conveniently. They also sought a high-end design that combined professionalism with approachability.

Solution Implemented

Striking Website Design

We designed an exquisite WordPress website that adhered to the principles of both marketing and user experience. The design struck the balance between professional aesthetics and user-friendly navigation.

Seamless API Integration

A custom solution was developed to integrate REST APIs from five diverse insurance companies. This enabled real-time quotes for various products, including Life Insurance, Mortgage Protection, Serious Illness Cover, and Income Protection.

Responsive Design

The new website was meticulously designed to be fully responsive across all devices and browsers, offering a seamless user experience regardless of the platform.

Ongoing Maintenance

We ensured that the website aligned with Google's preferences, enhancing its performance and search engine visibility.

Results Achieved

Enhanced Customer Experience

The new website and integrated APIs facilitated real-time quotes and an efficient transition to comprehensive health forms, delivering a smoother customer journey.

Unified Platform

The integration of multiple insurance providers into a single platform provided users with easy access to personalised recommendations without the hassle of navigating different websites.

User-Centric Design

The high-end design married professionalism with approachability, reflecting My Life Insurance's ethos of personalised service.

Google-Friendly Performance

The website's responsive design and alignment with Google's criteria led to enhanced performance in search engine results.








We have had the pleasure of working with the team in Salt for our website development. From first point of contact, they were extremely on the ball. They have been very hands on, helpful and guiding us through the process. We had been dreading this as previous developers let us down. I am happy to say we have had a great experience with Salt and would highly recommend them to other businesses

​​Darragh O'Connor

Managing Director, My Life Insurance.

Future Outlook

Our collaboration with My Life Insurance continues as we focus on continually optimising the website's performance, enhancing the user experience, and staying current with evolving industry standards. We remain dedicated to supporting My Life Insurance's commitment to personalised protection and peace of mind.

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