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Navan Adventure

Elevating Navan Adventure Centre's Digital Presence – A Success Story
Navan Adventure

Client Overview

Navan Adventure Centre, nestled in the picturesque Boyne Valley of Co. Meath, is a thriving outdoor multi-activity adventure park. With a focus on promoting active lifestyles through engaging sports, games, and challenges, the centre caters to both children and adults seeking fun-filled experiences.

Services Offered

  • Google Ads Campaign Management
  • Creation Of New Landing Pages
  • Tailored Content

Challenges Faced

Lack Of Event-Specific Campaigns

Navan Adventure Centre's diverse offerings, from school tours to corporate team-building and annual events, were not being effectively highlighted due to a lack of separate campaigns for each. This made it difficult to target specific audiences for each event type.

Distraction And Conversion

Existing web pages were cluttered with information, leading to reduced conversion rates. The challenge was to create focused, distraction-free paths that increased the likelihood of visitor conversions.

Competing With Distractions

In a digital world filled with entertainment and distractions, the challenge was to stand out and capture the attention of potential visitors looking for outdoor adventure experiences.

Online Visibility

Despite offering diverse activities, the adventure centre faced visibility challenges in search engine results. They needed a strategy to ensure their offerings were visible to those actively seeking adventure experiences.

Solutions Implemented

Event-Specific Campaigns

We created individual campaigns for each event, enabling tailored targeting and messaging to reach the right audiences, whether for school tours, team-building events, or seasonal festivals.

Focused Landing Pages

To streamline the user journey and increase conversions, we designed new landing pages with concise and relevant content, reducing distractions and guiding visitors towards desired actions.

Results Achieved

Event-specific Google Ads campaigns resulted in a total of 450 inquiries and bookings over a three-month period.

Landing page conversion rates increased by 25%, significantly improving the overall effectiveness of the digital marketing efforts.

Navan Adventure Centre's online visibility improved by 65%, leading to a surge in website traffic and engagement.

Enhanced Campaign Focus

Separate campaigns for different events allowed for precise targeting, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates for each event category.

Reduced Distraction, Increased Conversion

The creation of focused landing pages led to improved user engagement and conversion rates. Visitors were more likely to take action, such as booking an event or inquiring about offerings.

Event-Specific Success

With the implementation of the new strategies, the adventure centre reported higher participation and engagement levels in specific events, showcasing the effectiveness of tailored campaigns.

Boosted Online Visibility

By implementing strategic Google Ads campaigns, Navan Adventure Centre's visibility in search results improved significantly, allowing them to reach their target audience more effectively.








Salt Marketing has been looking after us for many years, and their expertise on board, customer service, and reporting are all of the highest quality. I would suggest them to anyone in need of a digital marketing agency.

lyndsey shiels


Future Outlook

Building upon the success achieved, Navan Adventure Centre continues to collaborate with us to refine and expand their digital strategies. Our focus remains on ensuring that every offering is highlighted effectively, reaching the right audience at the right time.

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