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New Look Tiles & Bathroom

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New Look Tiles and Bathroom Renovation-MaaS

Digital Transformation Of New Look Tiles And Bathroom Renovation.
New Look Tiles & Bathroom

About New Look Tiles And Bathroom Renovation

New Look Tiles and Bathroom Renovation specialises in bathroom and wetroom renovations, producing flawless results with high-quality materials. Their rigorous planning provides long-term results. They also manage garage conversions, kitchen renovations, house renovations, basement WCs, en-suite conversions, and wall construction/removal due to their proficiency in many professions.

Services Provided

  • Branding Overhaul
  • Website Redesign
  • Keyword-rich Content
  • Premium Hosting
  • Domain Ownership
  • Digital Marketing

Service Offered

Branding Overhaul

A Refreshed Logo Was Crafted, Coupled With A Comprehensive Brand Manual, Ensuring Consistent Application Of Branding Elements.

Website Redesign

With a team of specialists ranging from content strategists to developers, the website was transformed for seamless functionality.

Service Segregation And Expansion

A total of 37 new pages describing Bathroom renovation were created. A dedicated section for Tiles was added, filling a glaring omission. Additionally, a fresh section showcasing various projects was introduced, giving visitors a comprehensive overview of the company's expertise.

Keyword-rich Content

The content was overhauled with relevant keywords to boost discoverability. Furthermore, the introduction of FAQs catered to common client queries, drawing additional traffic.

Showcasing Work With Case Studies

Use of presentation folders for business meetings helped introduce insightful case studies that catered to both online audiences and offline stakeholders.

Premium Hosting

Switched to a superior hosting platform, ensuring top-notch performance and thorough monthly reports.

Domain Ownership

Consolidated all domain names under the company's ownership, fortifying the brand's digital identity.

Digital Marketing

Under the Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) approach, four phases are managed

Website Maintenance Regular updates and optimisations
SEO Enhancing organic search visibility
Inbound Marketing across 4 Channels Comprehensive Marketing Strategies on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube
Email marketing Engaging potential and existing clients through well-crafted email campaigns

Offline Marketing Efforts


Eye-catching flyers that succinctly communicate the range of services on offer.

Presentation Folder

A well-organised folder that is integral for business interactions, containing

  • Proposal documents detailing project specifics and offerings.
  • Scope of work outlines, offering clarity on project deliverables.
  • Additional flyers for varied business outreach purposes.
  • Contracts, ensuring transparency and clarity in business agreements.

Results Achieved

In a highly competitive niche such as kitchen and bathroom renovation, a client approached us seeking enhanced results, as their previous efforts were yielding suboptimal outcomes. Implementing targeted campaigns based on industry best practices, we successfully increased leads by 200% and significantly reduced the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA).

Regarding content marketing, we've developed industry-specific pages that have played a crucial role in elevating our website's rankings for particular keywords on Google.








Cost / Conversion

As the proud owner of New Look Tiles and Bathroom Renovation, it can be hard to keep up with all the tasks that come with having a business. This is why choosing to use Salt Marketing was one of the best and most important things we could have done for our business. Because they offer so many services, like building websites, creating brands, and setting up smart digital marketing strategies, they have completely changed our business.

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