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New Vision Cleaning

A Case Study of a Strategic Online Presence
New Vision


A cleaning company based in Dublin called New Vision Cleaning approached us with a clear need: they wanted to start an online presence for their company but were unable to do so due to the owner's busy schedule and a lack of digital and branding expertise.

Type of Work

  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Management

Challenges Faced

Time Restrictions

The owner of the company was too busy running the current company to devote much time to starting a new online project.

Lack of Online Presence

Prior to this, the business had no online presence. This included having no website, no domain name, and no digital traces at all.

Designing website content

The client did not have the time or tools to design website content.

Email Infrastructure

There was not an email setup that worked with the business for business communication.

Strategic Planning

The client was unsure about the content structure of the website. They needed a strategic approach to effectively communicate their services to different target audiences, including residential and commercial sectors.

Solutions Provided

Branding Services

First, we created a brand identity that fits with the company's values and speaks to their ideal customers. This meant making a brand voice, designing a logo, and choosing a colour scheme.

Content Writing Services

Our team of professional content writers created interesting, SEO-friendly content for the website that showed off the client's services and values.

Website Development

We planned and built a website that is easy to use, looks good, and works well. The website had easy-to-use navigation, descriptions of services, contact information, and a way to make reservations.

Set up email

A full email solution was put in place so the client could communicate professionally with business partners and customers.

Strategic Content Planning

To make it easier to show services to a wide range of people, we split our website into sections for residential and commercial services. This structure not only met the needs of different types of customers, but it also made SEO and the user experience better.

Results Achieved

Launching New Vision Cleaning's website was a big change in how they do business. The website gave the client a way to show off their services, interact with customers, and easily handle bookings. The branding and content services helped them stand out in Dublin's competitive cleaning services market by making them more visible in the market. The professional email setup made it easier for them to talk to each other and gave their clients more confidence.









Salt has given me a lot of peace of mind, which is very important. We are much less stressed about running our business now that we know a full-fledged marketing team is carefully managing every aspect of our digital marketing. It's like having your own marketing department, but without all the costs and problems that come with running one.

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