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This Irish-owned business has been in business for over 70 years, supplying materials to the Print & Signage industry in the country. These are not the printed goods, but rather the virgin un-printed material, in their original state and color. Print How We're Helpings is located in Dublin and carries out nationwide deliveries.

Challenges Faced

Low traction from the company’s social media platforms was a drag on their digital presence, and the company was losing out market share to competing firms. There was the need to be dynamic to evolving trends on social sites, while simultaneously addressing consumer needs as they arise. This requires ultra-targeted marketing that is customized to the specific audience being addressed, all through to the kind of content that is being used.


I've been working with Pradeep and Pria for the last 2 months and I'm very happy with the results. Pria took care of the website for our new company division, and it looks even better than what we had in mind.. I highly recommend their services!
Nauê Tunes

How We're Helping

After auditing the company’s social media marketing strategies, carrying out competitor analysis, and defining the target demographics to focus on for higher conversions, we put in place tailored Facebook Brand awareness and lead generation campaigns, as well as a customized LinkedIn marketing plan.

Our Work

After one month of the lead generation campaign ran with Facebook Ads, we obtained 100 leads, for a total cost of 407.22, translating to an average CPL of 4.07.

Here are sample ads that were used as part of the campaign:

Leads – 11
  • Impression- 19,907
  • Reach - 13,561
  • CPL - € 14.30
  • Ad Spend - € 157.33
Leads – 89 (Video Ad)
  • Impression- 45,850
  • Reach - 19,898
  • CPL - € 2.81
  • Ad Spend - €444.94

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