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QuickLinks designs, prints, and distributes leaflets for B2C and B2B clients in Ireland. Its target market includes sales reps and business owners looking to make savings on their advertisements, marketing agencies, brand awareness businesses, event and promotion organizers. The design and printing also extend to flyers, banners, letterheads for businesses, posters, and business cards. The advertisement agency incorporates precise targeting and live GPS tracking in its distribution to ensure the message gets to the potential consumers. This also includes door hangers to get 100% attention.

Challenges Faced

Faced by Quicklinks

The brand faced marketing challenges with regards to awareness, where it held a smaller market share compared to its competitors. This was linked to aspects such as unclear presentation of what is on offers – like differentiating the value between solo leaflet drops and unique methods like the door hangers that get 100% attention.

Factors on the website that negatively affected the brand’s image included:

Landing pages: Lack of clarity, such as with testimonials appearing in banners.
Lack of navigation features on the website, affecting the UX.
No call to action: CTAs are needed to direct visitors to the website to take action, such as making a purchase, subscribing to a service, taking part in product promotion, etc
Lacking lead generation features such as forms for vistos to fill.
No contact us page
Different experience on the mobile version of the website, where there were different phone numbers appearing, and the numbers not being clickable
Having expired SSL certificates

The hurdles in marketing also affected the brand’s credibility, as well as their ability to retain their existing clients. In fact, the site had a 0/100 Domain Authority score and a low keyword density which in turn affected its ranking on Google search results. The aesthetics of the website itself were also wanting, necessitating a full revamp with its design.


I have recently acquired e Services of Salt Marketing for a new Website and SEO Package. I could not be more impressed with how things have gone so far. Pradeep and his team have done an amazing job on my Website and any alterations or changes I have requested were done straight away. Top class customer service and I would highly recommend them to any company looking at a new website or SEO.

How We're Helping

We remade the business’s marketing strategy, segregating it in what is being advertised, where the marketing is being carried out, and the target demographics that are being addressed.
This included:

Email marketing to improve retention marketing and upselling with existing customers, and also, target new customers by providing lead magnets
SEO: Technical, link building, and content
Paid campaigns: PPC, Display ads, Re-Marketing
Media budget and KPIs

Our Work

Time also factors into this, looking at the ideal times of the day/week/month/year to run the different market campaigns. Using SpyFu, we also dug into the processes that the competitors had employed, in a bid to implement strategies that would put QuickLinks back in the run for a bigger market share.

The strategy followed a 6 months road map entailing:

Strategy and set-up
  1. a. Marketing strategy
  2. b. Keyword research
  3. c. Campaigns setup
  4. d. Tracking implementation
  5. e. Site optimization
Launch and finetuning
  1. a. Paid ads with €250/pm
  2. b. Google search and search terms
  3. c. Ongoing SEO work on the website
  4. d. List the top referrals and reach out to them
Expanding the reach:
  1. a. Paid ads
  2. b. Google display ads
  3. c. Add email marketing
Adding content campaigns
  1. a. Paid ads with google
  2. b. Adding content campaigns
  3. c. Implementing bots on the site
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