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Transforming Marketing Landscape – Quicklinks Ltd.'S Success Story

Client Overview

Quicklinks Ltd. is a dynamic force in Ireland's marketing scene, specialising in designing, printing, and distributing impactful leaflets, flyers, banners, letterheads, posters, and business cards. Catering to both B2C and B2B clientele, Quicklinks targets sales representatives, business owners, marketing agencies, brand awareness initiatives, event organisers, and promotion campaigns. Employing precision targeting and innovative live GPS tracking, the company ensures messages reach potential consumers effectively, including through attention-grabbing door hangers.

Services Offered

  • Website Maintenance
  • Website Development
  • Brand Guidlines
  • Content Writing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email Outreach

Challenges Faced

Battle For Market Share And Awareness

Quicklinks grappled with limited market share vis-à-vis its competitors, a challenge exacerbated by issues in presenting the unique value of its offerings. Distinguishing the benefits between solo leaflet drops and distinctive methods like door hangers proved complex.

Website Image And User Experience Hurdles

The website's shortcomings were evident, including unclear landing pages, lack of navigation features affecting user experience (UX), absent CTAs, missing lead generation forms, the absence of a contact page, inconsistencies in mobile versions, and expired SSL certificates.

Impact On Credibility And SEO Ranking

These marketing hurdles eroded brand credibility and customer retention. The website's 0/100 Domain Authority score, low keyword density, and aesthetic deficiencies hindered its Google search ranking.

Multi Pronged Approach

Email Marketing Enhancement

Strengthening customer retention and upselling through existing customer engagement. Attracting new customers was facilitated by offering enticing lead magnets.

Holistic SEO Revamp

Rigorous technical, link-building, and content optimisation strategies were employed to elevate Quicklinks' online visibility.

Revamped Marketing Strategy

Our intervention embarked on a comprehensive marketing strategy overhaul, meticulously segregating aspects of advertising, targeting, and demographics.

Precision Media Budgeting And KPIs

Aligning media budget allocation with predefined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to drive strategic impact.

Strategic Paid Campaigns

Implementing an array of Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Display, and Re-Marketing campaigns, fostering broader outreach.








We discovered MaaS through Salt Marketing and quickly realised its potential. This subscription has significantly grown our company. Salt Marketing expertly handles the web maintenance, a huge list of keywords are ranking already in the top searches, Google and Facebook marketing is also done carefully and a data driven approach is extremely impactful. Now our monthly newsletter is creating some brand awareness too. We're particularly impressed with our website's new look. For busy business owners seeking online growth, we highly recommend Salt Marketing's MaaS.

Nigel McConnell


Future Growth

Unveiling the New Quicklinks Our collaborative journey with Quicklinks continues as we steer their transformation. Armed with a revamped marketing strategy, enriched online presence, and refined branding, Quicklinks is poised for sustained growth, heightened brand awareness, and elevated customer engagement.

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