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ReCycle Bikes

Ride Sustainably, Soar Economically!
Recycle Bikes

Client Overview

Recycle Bikes, based in Stepaside, Dublin, is an innovative business specializing in quality second-hand bikes. They focus on sustainable practices, offering bike repair and maintenance services, and promoting environmental responsibility through tyre and tube recycling.

Services Offered

  • Content Writing
  • Website Design
  • Premium Website Maintenance

Challenges Faced

  • Originally a one-page website that did not showcase the multiple services offered.
  • Lack of SEO optimization.
  • Poor keyword consistency and usage.
  • Ineffective messaging and clarity on services.
  • Absence of effective call-to-action elements.

Results Achieved

  • Developed a multi-page website, enhancing the presentation and discovery of the diverse services offered, including expert bike repair and maintenance, a selection of quality 2nd hand bikes, and eco-friendly tyre and tubes recycling solutions.
  • Added detailed sections explaining various services like bike repairs, the process of recycling tyres and tubes, and the trade-in option for bikes, effectively communicating all aspects of Recycle Bikes’ offerings.
  • Improved website navigation and user experience, encouraging visitors to explore different services and engage with the site more effectively.

We recently worked with Salt Marketing to develop our webiste
I found the whole process effortless, Salt Marketing took care of everything in a timely manner. Their professionalism and skill blew me away. I would highly recommend Salt Marketing to anyone who needs a new website or a refresh of an old one.

Stacey King

Business Owner

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