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A family-run business, Shades Of Dublin sells and fits blinds in residential and commercial establishments. With 30 years of experience, the company caters to the entire Dublin County and has built a reputation of providing high-quality blinds at affordable rates.


The business faces challenges of an increasingly flooded industry, with more providers of blinds competing for the same target market. This, coupled with consumer hurdles like decreased household spending budgets has caused there to be a reduction in conversions from their marketing strategies. As such, they needed plans put in place that would make their value proposition clear to prospective clients, generate more leads, and increase the final sales.


Together with the Shades Of Dublin team, we put together a marketing plan that outlined the incentives that the company would have for buyers interested in blinds, with our social media marketing experts also analyzing the competition and target demographics for data that would determine the direction for the marketing campaign. We ran a Facebook marketing campaign to increase brand awareness, get more home and business owners making inquiries, booking consultations, and buying the blinds through their online store.


After running the lead generation campaign for just a month, we had already got a reach of 8,396, with 16,731 impressions. We obtained 17 actual leads after spending only €91.45 – meaning that we had a cost per lead of €5.38.
Here is a look at some of the ads that we run on the platform:

  • Leads – 7
  • Impression- 11,070
  • Reach – 6,501
  • CPL – € 9.11
  • Leads – 10
  • Impression- 5,661
  • Reach – 3,506
  • CPL – € 2.77
  • Ad spend- € 27.67

Ad spend – € 63.78

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