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Skope Consulting is a career counselling service based in Dublin, that targets audiences across the board – from students looking into their potential careers, individuals seeking to progress up the ladder at their workplace, those who had taken time off and now want to get back into the field, to business owners themselves seeking to scale their operations by empowering their workforce.

It was started by John Lamphiere who has been a city bus driver, gym instructor and even a salesperson, and whose personal journey saw him progress to Vice President and Managing Director at Glassdoor, one of the world’s leading recruitment companies. He has been through the trenches and risen through the ranks, and uses his unique expertise to help individuals better themselves in their line of work, going further to build and scale organisations around the world.

Challenges Faced

The brand presence was hampered by the business lacking a fully-fledged and responsive website, together with all that it entails – from content to deliver value to visitors accessing the site, messaging that addresses the USPs of the business, to on- and off-page SEO to get higher ranks on search engine result pages. This put a heavy reliance on only organic growth through word-of-mouth and social media, which slowed the growth and limited the reach of the company. It needed a solid online presence to cement its brand authority.


I have recently acquired e Services of Salt Marketing for a new Website and SEO Package. I could not be more impressed with how things have gone so far. Pradeep and his team have done an amazing job on my Website and any alterations or changes I have requested were done straight away. Top class customer service and I would highly recommend them to any company looking at a new website or SEO.

How We're Helping

Preparing brand guidelines for the business.
The standards and rules set here serve to bring cohesiveness to the efforts of the design team, content creators and marketers when covering the brand identity to ensure that the messaging is consistent. That way everyone is on the same page, with the graphics, text copy, photography, and website being aligned collaboratively
A new website was developed, complete with content creation and SEO.
By owning its web address and website, Skope Consulting gets to retain control of the brand’s online presence. It provides a source for content that will effectively get its message across, improving user experience and maintaining the relevance of the site material, in line with client needs and lead conversion processes. Content is also key in this, since it engages the audience, with SEO increasing the traffic and duration of client visits to the website. Keyword research was carried out to identify optimal phrases to use to give the website a higher ranking on SERPs. Data analytics were also incorporated to provide insight into the business’ online audience, where the information is used to make decisions on marketing strategies that will be adopted.

Our Work

Within 3 months, 30 of the keywords selected for the content were ranked in the top 1-3 Google spots

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