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John Lamphiere founded Skope so his clients may leverage the practical experience he has learned throughout his career.

John’s career has seen him hold the position of Vice President and Managing Director at Glassdoor, one of the world’s largest recruitment companies.

This unique expertise gives him extortionary insights across all aspects of employment and career development. This makes him well placed to not just help you get a job but to mentor and coach you on how to become the best version of yourself in any industry or job function.

Challenges Faced

Skope wanted an upgrade in terms of having a new website align closely with their branding and their main objective was to place the content in a way that customer journey triggers from their current state of educational back ground in easy navigational way. Most important part of this revamp were Performance in terms of speed and responsiveness along with content placement and navigation

How We're Helping

We designed a ravishing new website based on WordPress adhering to the marketing and user experience guidelines both in terms if Design & Technical Tactics. New website is completely responsive across all browsers and devices, along with amazing performance in terms of what GOOGLE loves.

Most importantly, now in minimum time Interie customers can understand what they do and can take action to get in touch with Interie.

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