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This family-owned Irish company provides home security services, mainly the installation of crime prevention devices – from the doors to the windows. Being a new website in a high-performance industry, the business faces stiff competition from well-established brands. Our focus here was to increase its digital footprint, brand awareness, and organic traffic from online searches.

Challenges Faced

Faced by Stop the Burglar
The site’s performance was wanting, receiving only 1330 visitors a month
Low ranking on search result pages, also seen in aspects such as the 8/100 Domain Score
Security flaws on the site including missing SSL
Slow website caused by issues like unused JavaScript and CSS, as well as incorrect image formats.

An audit of the site’s on-page and technical SEO also revealed gaps in the measures taken. For instance, while the site had over 500 backlinks, many of them and referring domains were not relevant to the business and its industry. As such, they didn’t have the desired impact on the ranking of the website.


I have recently acquired e Services of Salt Marketing for a new Website and SEO Package. I could not be more impressed with how things have gone so far. Pradeep and his team have done an amazing job on my Website and any alterations or changes I have requested were done straight away. Top class customer service and I would highly recommend them to any company looking at a new website or SEO.

How We're Helping

We're carrying out SEO for the website. This includes technical aspects like making the site lightweight, removing bugs and enhancing its functionality; link building for both internal and external links; as well updating the content, and optimizing it for both the readers and the search engines. Technical errors within the site are being removed to increase its security and optimize its performance.

As part of the efforts to improve user experience and increase conversions, we optimized the pages loading speeds. This increases user retention and indirectly bolsters the search engine ranking. We also updated the content with 4 monthly blogs, that way visitors landing on the website will have relevant resources that they can use.

Our Work

In just a month, we have doubled the domain score of the website from 8 to 16, and amped this up with the backlinking strategy, increasing them from 575 to over 3600. With at least 27 Keywords ranked in top Google 1-3 searches being used, there has been an increase in the organic traffic that is directed to the website.

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