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Swan Clothing

Swan Clothing Ltd operates in the Irish clothing industry, distributing premium golf apparel to golf clubs, resorts, outlets and stores across the country, and also targets distributors throughout Europe. They also operate Swan Factory which targets members of the public with factory flash sales, offering them premium business, casual and golf clothing at affordable rates. Our engagement entailed enabling them to score a higher ROI on their Google PPC campaign.

Challenges faced

These could be grouped into two:
  • Tangible Factors:
    • Landing pages: They lacked clarity. For instance, the testimonials shouldn’t appear on the banners.
    • The navigation was missing
    • No CTA. Lacking a call-to-action presents a way forward for visitors landing on the site. What should they do? Buy a product? Subscribe to golfing updates or a newsletter? Place a call for inquires? Every page should have a call to action.
    • No forms to fill
    • Lack of a “Contact Us” page
    • Inconsistency between the desktop and mobile versions of the site. For the latter, different phone numbers appeared, and the numbers aren’t clickable
    • SSL certificates expired. This leads to a drop in site traffic. The warning displayed by the browser causes users to interpret that the site is not secure, hence they will be less likely to make purchases through it- even though they had previously done so. This visitor behaviour also causes search bots to drop the ranking of the sire.
  • Intangible Factors:
    • Domain authority: 0/100
    • Keyword density was poor, causing the site to perform poorly on Google SERPs.
    • Branding was not prominent
    • The aesthetics of the site were not up to par.

How we helped

It was already making waves in the industry, so what problems did it encounter its marketing strategy?
  • Work on site currently in progress.
  • Recreating the Google ad campaign to highlight the product offing of the company, and targeting audiences based on region.


  • Initial performance showing a higher CTR within the first month. This is without additional funding for the campaign, leading to a higher ROI.


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