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The business is behind the TeachKloud app, an early childhood management software used by education providers, parents, and policymakers. It aims to help the educators provide quality services, reduce costs of operation in the schools and minimize the administrative burden, allow parents to easily keep tabs on their kids’ progress, while still ensuring that the institutions pass safety inspections and comply with regulations.


TeachKloud needed to highlight its competitive edge and brand awareness, engaging its target audience to ramp up more education stakeholders using the application. For this, a tailored marketing campaign had to be crafted, one that would increase the rate at which leads are generated, and reduce the costs going into the marketing operations.


Our collaboration with TeachKloud centered on email marketing and running drip campaigns. Based on the data obtained from analyzing the business’s past performance, target audience, and measures put in place by the competition, we developed unique content and graphics for the email marketing program. This was complete with KIPs during reporting to assess the progress made.

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