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This is an Irish-owned social enterprise that bridges the gap between the elderly who want to remain at home where they are safe and comfortable, and the younger adults looking for affordable living conditions given the high cost of renting and home purchase in Ireland today. Homeshare is an innovative social support initiative, and comes with over 7 decades of experience in the healthcare sector, especially with the Homecare industry working with families to provide care to their elderly relatives, and affordable accommodation for students and young professionals.


The business was faced with reduced conversion rates and traffic to the website, plus a high bounce rate. The initial marketing strategy also saw lots of time being spent on admin work, replying to different customers on the same queries. All this in an environment where the competition from other home-sharing platforms is intense.


We implemented a two-fold plan involving:

  • Website development
    Our team revamped the site’s aesthetics, with a better UX and UI. 10% of the budget specifically focussed on the visuals and creatives, and 50% on the content and SEO.
    Smart features were introduced to the site, with the Chatbot, in particular, reducing admin work and speeding up customer response. The relevant iconography and a media page were added to the website, navigation made easier for the user, and even security logos were incorporated into the website.
  • Digital marketing
    The remaining budget was split halfway between organic social media content and paid campaigns (PPC, Display ads, and Facebook marketing). These targeted both the home shares and the tenants.
    A comprehensive 6-month roadmap was developed for the business, inclusive of key performance indicators to track the process.

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