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The travelling funfair has been around for over 2 decades, with activities and attractions for all ages. Ferris wheel rides, roller coasters, squirt gun races to bumper car rides – Xtreme Funfair takes them to different towns in Ireland. People from all walks of life troop into the fairground once it’s in town to enjoy the thrills and games that are on offer.

Challenges Faced

Despite having popular rides and attractions, the company faced difficulties in bringing traffic to the different locations it pitched camp in. This was primarily caused by three reasons:

Dysfunctional social media Without a structured social media strategy, the brand was disadvantaged in reaching their prospective customers. This includes the content, ad campaigns and user engagement. Consumers across the board expect easy access to brands through social media sites – in fact it accounts for how 67% of them get customer service. This cuts across all industries, and failure to implement a data-backed social media plan was costing Xtreme Funfair customers and revenue.
Faulty branding
Poor branding – especially with the marketing and customer service, was presenting Xtreme Funfair as being inconsistent. This results in customers associating it with low quality service, while the fairground attractions were actually popular for customers who actually showed up. The branding was therefore leading to a loss of business for the travelling funfair and damaging its reputation.
Confusion with booking form The booking forms are a key part of generating leads and getting customers to plan in advance and show up for the event. However, the poor UX when interested customers were inputting their data contributed to a high bounce rate and low performance of the customer acquisition tool.

How We're Helping

We undertook lead generation and brand awareness campaign on Facebook and YouTube, managing the social media platform of the business. This includes making tailored campaigns in line with the target audience for the localities in which the funfair would land. Running campaigns in the period leading to week-long events, as well as during the events, through a series of organic posts, paid ads and visual elements was geared to send out a cohesive message with what customers can expect. The lead generation was also carried out through email marketing. Interacting with customers on their socials and email enhanced relationships with the brand, increasing the leads that were obtained and converted.

Our Work

Facebook engagement for the March 2022 campaigns across Dundalk and Sword towns saw an increase of 5X more impressions, 5X time more engagement.
For instance, within the first two weeks of the month, Dundalk Facebook posts made 165,869 impressions, with a reach of 42,216 users and an average cost per click of €0.01. This was achieved with a €300 budget.
The email marketing campaign on the other hand saw a 170% jump in its open rate. You Tube Video views increased 10-fold as well.


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