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Zen Space constructs garden rooms with designs from the award-winning Kevin Dennis, a garden designer and horticulturist. These are fully functional and autonomous rooms set up in the outdoors following one’s particular taste.

Challenges Faced

The company had three key issues:

Low ROI on Facebook ad spend
Need for increased brand awareness on social media
Connecting with their target audience

How We're Helping

High impact marketing through Facebook ad and retargeting strategies. We have created content telling stories that homeowners can relate to, and use highly defined audiences to push the ads and organic posts. We're also providing lead generation services, increasing enquiries from Facebook users interested in garden rooms.

Our Work

Within the first month of marketing on Facebook, we got
  • 1080% increase in the people reached, getting to 119,050
  • 296% increase in post engagements, reaching 6,386
  • 1335% increase in page likes, at 660
Increased leads from zero to 10 leads per day.

All this was done with a daily budget of €25


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