The goal here is to reengage your website's visitors. When people land on your site from search engines or social media platforms, a proportion of them will initially be interested in learning about the products or services – not converting immediately. Perhaps they are seeking more information, or need more time to weigh their options before proceeding with a purchase. These are vital leads, given that they are already interested in what you have to offer – you just have to get them over the edge. That’s where remarketing ads come in.

The ads give you an opportunity to showcase the value of your products or services to the interested audience, and give them more reason to choose you. The ads operate differently from search and display ads. For instance, with Google, remarketing code – a tracking pixel, is used. Our PPC team will install the tracking pixel on your website, providing a better understanding of the audience, such as the product listings or service pages that they visit.

After the visitors have left the site, they are categorised into designated lists. Our team will set up the lists for your ad campaign, defining the audience based on their actions on the site. For instance, developing different lists for people visiting the smartphone category and those visiting the baby clothes’ section of an e-commerce site.

These leads will then see ads for the products that they are interested in, encouraging them to reengage with your site and business. By getting the leads to reconsider your brand, it increases conversion rates.