AI-Powered Reporting
for Marketing Excellence

AI-Powered Diagnosis and Assignment, Confidently Executed by Our Team

Learn about VIGILANT, the innovative reporting solution powered by AI that will revolutionize the marketing approach of your company. Get access to intelligent insights and a smooth data integration experience.

Your customised Dashboard

Your customisable dashboard consolidates all of your marketing data in one location. A single, easy-to-use dashboard displays campaign performance across all channels. You can track your progress and make informed decisions at any time.

Showcase your rankings and search visibility
Pay Per Click
Track Progress of your Google Ads campaign
Google My Business
Find Out More about your local SEO
Get Insights into your interactions and research

Our Features



Invest in a comprehensive digital transformation package to transform your E-commerce business. Attract, engage, and convert customers with MaaS. 

Hire a full marketing team today.


SEO: Powerful Tools & Easy Reporting

Our comprehensive SEO toolbox allows you to track rankings, analyse backlinks, and conduct technical audits.


Ranking of Keywords

Monitor daily keyword rankings in any language or area. You and your clients are kept updated on the status of campaigns through automated reports.


Backlinks Analysis

The essential component of any SEO effort is backlink tracking.  For a strategic backlink profile, find out who links to you, monitor lost and gained links, and assess their quality (anchor text, trust flow).

SEO Audit

SEO Audit Tools

Use our automated technical audit to find website problems that are impeding SEO. We find over 30 issues, such as broken links and duplicate content, that affect search ranking. Obtain doable suggestions for optimising your website that will impress prospective customers with improvements that is assured.


Website Analytics

Discover the effects of SEO! Integrate Google Analytics to observe how people are drawn to your website (organic traffic!), how long they stay on it (low bounce rate), and how it encourages leads.



Get rid of manual reports! Now receive automated SEO reports that update you on developments, daily, weekly, or monthly. 

Our Services


If you’re looking to increase your conversions and boost sales with Shopify, our team is up to the task.


At Salt Marketing, we’ll create a brand-centric, customer-focused WooCommerce website that’s guaranteed to increase sales. Our WooCommerce website solutions will give your business a cutting edge.


 Magento is a powerful platform for unlocking your eCommerce potential with rich features, flexibility, security, responsiveness, and customization.


Drupal’s amazing options will enable you to give your customers an incredible shopping experience in your online stores.


PHP web development services offer the benefit of helping businesses create a fully customized website that meets their exact specifications easily and efficiently.


The tried and tested PrestaShop will enable you to explore new opportunities for your eCommerce business. The rich variant features may be just what you need to take your business to the next level.

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