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Drive Up Your Sales With A Paid Search Strategy

These are the ads that show up on the search engine result pages (SERPs), typically at the top and bottom. For instance, with Google, they will pop up with the tag “ad" indicating that it is paid content. Here, they are created using Google Ads. Note that these ads don’t have images, and only contain text.

The choice of keyword used with the search ad will be a key determinant of its effectiveness. For you to score more leads and get a higher ROI from the ad, it needs to have relevant keywords. For instance, using long-tail keywords here like “Dentist clinic in Dublin" will end up driving more interested leads to the business, while simultaneously keeping the cost per click low.

The placement of the ad is dependent on the quality score and bid amount.

  • Quality score is basically how much Google will rate your ad, looking at factors such as the relevancy of the ad and its clickthrough rate, in order to return the optimal result for the search query made by the user. The higher the quality score, the better the ad position.
  • The bid will depend on the performance of the auction. When configuring the ad, one sets a maximum bid, which is the max amount that you'll be willing to spend whenever the ad is clicked.

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