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Allow our SEO experts to increase your online presence using tried-and-true SEO tactics.

Salt Marketing can provide you with more leads, more organic traffic, and greater online search exposure. We provide a customized SEO strategy for each company based on their specific SEO needs.

SEO For Explosive Business Growth

Analyze your Competition

Understanding what your competitors are doing is critical for SEO planning and gaining a competitive advantage. We will do market research and competition analysis to develop an effective SEO plan that will yield the greatest organic results for you.

Get Started


    When you hire us for SEO, we'll start by optimizing your website using on-page SEO. We'll perform an SEO audit to discover any problems with your website's SEO and make the required changes to make it more SEO-friendly.

    Off-page SEO

    On-page optimization alone will not suffice to reach your SEO objectives. We will also utilize a variety of off-page SEO strategies to improve website traffic, such as establishing strong backlinks, sharing PDFs, engaging in social bookmarking, sharing photos, and so on.

    Keyword research and selection

    You may maximize your visibility in online searches by selecting the right keywords. We choose the best, highest-performing keywords and help you rank for them using tried-and-true keyword research methodologies.

    Content management

    If you want to keep visitors on your website, you must have intriguing content. We will create a complete content plan that will pique your target audience's interest. We will supply you with the best leads possible. Each month, our skilled content writers create a large number of blogs and post them both online and offline in an effort to boost your rating.

    Conversion Rate optimisation

    We understand that lead generation and conversion rates are the most important aspects of any business. As a result, we'll devise a practical SEO strategy to boost CTRs and accelerate your company's growth.

    Optimization for Specific Locations

    We solve all important onsite issues with your website and optimize it for success.


    Link building helps your website's authority, relevancy, and popularity, and we do it on a monthly basis. We will continue to provide high-quality backlinks to your website every day until it appears on Google's main page.

    Conversion Rate Optimization

    Increasing the conversion rate of visitors on websites and mobile apps. CRO software analyzes a website to identify conversion barriers and optimize web pages. We create premium keyword landing pages.

    Why Should You Join Us?

    High-quality traffic

    • Salt Marketing focuses on getting high-quality organic traffic to websites using a custom SEO and content marketing strategy. This is preferable to pursuing high-ticket keywords that generate a lot of traffic. 

    Experienced industry experts

    • We have a team of trained SEO experts who can help you grow your online presence. Our experts not only do thorough research, but they also give you advice that will help you reach your business goals.

    In-House Developers

    • Great page experience and web design are key to tech SEO. We have an in-house team of award-winning WordPress developers and UX designers.

    SEO Audits

    • We perform on-site and off-site SEO audits on your platforms and competitors to create a road map, explain how your website is performing, and identify growth opportunities.