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More leads, more organic traffic, and better online search exposure are all things Salt Marketing can help you with. We create a tailored SEO approach according to the unique SEO requirements of each firm.

SEO Services At Scale

Competitor Analysis

It is critical to be aware of what your competitors are doing when planning SEO and gaining a competitive edge. We will conduct market research and competitor analysis to create an effective SEO campaign that will provide you with the best organic results.

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    When you sign up for our search engine optimization services, we'll begin by improving your website through on-page SEO. We'll conduct an SEO audit to identify and correct issues with your website's SEO and make it more SEO-friendly.

    SEO outside of the company

    Your desired SEO objectives could not be fulfilled only through on-page optimization. We will also use a number of off-page SEO techniques to increase website traffic, such as developing good backlinks, pdf sharing, social bookmarking, image sharing, and so on.

    Keyword Investigation and Selection

    By selecting the right keywords, you may increase your visibility in online searches. By applying tried-and-true keyword research methodologies and procedures, we select the best, highest-performing keywords and assist you in ranking for them.

    Content Administration

    You must have intriguing content to keep people on your website. We will develop a comprehensive content strategy to pique the interest of your target audience. We will provide you with the greatest leads. Our highly qualified content writers develop many blogs each month and post them both online and offline to increase your position.

    Increasing conversion rates

    We all know that lead generation and conversion rates are the most critical aspects of any organization. As a result, we'll devise a workable SEO strategy to increase CTRs and accelerate your company's growth.

    Optimization on-site

    We address any major onsite issues with your website and correctly optimize it for optimal results

    Off-Site Promotion

    Link building improves the authority, relevancy, and popularity of your website.
    Building monthly task links is an ongoing activity. We will continue to provide high-quality backlinks on a regular basis till your website gets on Google's first page.

    Increasing Conversion Rates

    Conversion rate optimization (CRO) assists websites and apps in converting more visitors. CRO software examines a website in order to detect conversion obstacles and optimize web pages. We design high-quality keyword landing pages.

    Conversion Rate Optimisation:

    Conversion rate optimization helps websites and apps convert more visitors. CRO programs analyze a website to identify conversion barriers and optimize web pages. We create premium keyword landing pages.

    Why Should You Join Us?

    High-quality traffic

    • Salt Marketing focuses on getting high-quality organic traffic to websites using a custom SEO and content marketing strategy. This is preferable to pursuing high-ticket keywords that generate a lot of traffic. 

    Experienced industry experts

    • We have a team of trained SEO experts who can help you grow your online presence. Our experts not only do thorough research, but they also give you advice that will help you reach your business goals.

    In-House Developers

    • Great page experience and web design are key to tech SEO. We have an in-house team of award-winning WordPress developers and UX designers.

    SEO Audits

    • We perform on-site and off-site SEO audits on your platforms and competitors to create a road map, explain how your website is performing, and identify growth opportunities.