Pradeep Dabas
Chief Marketing Officer
Utilize our team of experts to get a handle on your marketing and product management. Take things up a notch with advanced measurements, integrations and reporting Our company is here for you when it comes time make decisions based off data-driven research!
Priyanka Dahiya
Project Manager
Project managers are the ones who plan, execute and control projects. They're accountable for everything that goes into a project - from its scope to resources allocated across teams working on it and any budget spent or not enough funds available at specific points during execution. So if you want your organization's most important tasks completed successfully, then make sure these professionals have all necessary powers vested within them!
Colm Smith
Web Development Expert
The digital marketing landscape is changing rapidly with the introduction of new technologies. A web developer combined with a conversion rate optimization team can help you make effective websites that will attract more users and generate higher conversions because they have an understanding about how landing pages work, which imparts good UX/UI skills along with navigation clarity as well!
Peter Hart
SEO Specialist
With the rise of online advertising, a Paid Ad specialist manages campaigns that include strategy design and analysis. A PPC Specialist manages campaigns including strategy development; design/implementation (including SEO); analysis of ad performance... name it they've got covered. This role takes a unique skill set because it requires deep knowledge about Paid Ad advertising and SEO expertise for successful campaign implementation.
Anthony Varner
Website Developer
Jason King
Sr. Website Developer
WordPress websites are great tools for businesses, but they do have some upkeep requirements. Maintenance work includes keeping your site error-free and fully functional with full support when you need it most! You should also get an expert on board if there has been any hosting problems or updates to the software since installation to avoid future issues down the line. A WordPress Specialist knows these things because its not just about doing "a cure," instead of staying safe by taking preventive measures against potential dangers,
Tanya Nolan
Creative Head
When it comes to communication, the graphic designer's job is not complete until they have created a layout that their audience can see and understand. Graphic designers are responsible for conveying information creatively and engagingly. Graphic Designers work closely with clients' teams, including product developers who need help figuring out how best to represent their products, social media posts, etc., visually.
Maurice Mugo
Content Writing
Content writers are responsible for creating engaging, informative articles, ad copies, social media content, and product descriptions that showcase the company's offerings. To do this, they need to research what material will be used in each article or report to reflect accurately on their clients' ideals!
Kevin Dunne
Paid Media Specialist
With our data-driven marketing services, your company can tap into the power of performance-driven strategies. We’ll help you use product level insights to create campaigns based on profitability and more! They are responsible for the look and feel of a company website, including generating sales via online channels. Depending on their role, they might work with digital marketers or web developers who contribute to traffic generation by designing site structures.
Dave Kenny
Film Maker
Public relations is a distinct management function will help your organization to establish and maintain lines of communication with their public. PR uses the editorial space within print publications, websites, television & radio shows to communicate brands' messages to be understood by as many people as possible.
Roisin Bennett
SaaS Specialist
By having software developers in your team, businesses can stay on top of the latest trends in technology. These professionals are responsible for implementing new technologies and ensuring that your business is equipped with tools to succeed in tomorrow's market needs! Experts on board: WP, PHP, Angular, Laravel, E-Com Specialist (Partners: Wix, WP, Shopify, Hubspot, Google Ads, Facebook Ads)
Leonie Fitzerald
Hospitality Industry Expert
We all have goals, wants and desires. But sometimes, you need someone to help guide the way; that's where we come in! Our goal is simple: To encourage personal or professional growth by enabling people with our expertise so they can achieve what matters most--the success of themselves (and others). We offer guidance through feedback that helps them on their path - just like a good friend would do.
Lissa McPhilip
Marketing Manager
Target the right audience with every ad by pulling together all of your company's data. Get a complete understanding of what works, where to focus resources next—and how much it will cost you in terms of time or money!