TikTok Marketing In 2022: Tips For Building Your Brand On TikTok

By Salt

TikTok may have started as a procrastination tool for teenagers, but it has had a profound impact on sound and culture in the modern world. The power of TikTok can no longer be underestimated. It has taken the world of short-form video by storm. According to the Ireland 2021 Digital Report, 30.4% of internet users are already using TikTok. It is the first non-Facebook app to hit three billion downloads.

Additionally, the platform has an engagement rate that’s five times higher than all the other social media platforms. This audience isn’t just limited to Gen Z, it spans across generations. Savvy businesses everywhere are looking to get in on the action through TikTok marketing. Many established brands have found success marketing on TikTok.

If you’re considering TikTok marketing for your business, you should know you’re not alone. In this article, we’re going to look at how you can make the most of this social network.

Is TikTok Good For Your Business?

With 2.1 million active users in Ireland, TikTok has marked itself as one of the biggest social media platforms since its launch six years ago. It enjoys immense popularity not only among Gen Z but also among the older generations. 

Here are a few reasons why TikTok is a powerful marketing channel for your business:

1. Volume of Users 

We know that majority of TikTok users globally are under the age of 34. But it would be a big mistake to be sceptical about the user base depending on age alone. It would be unwise to assume that none of your target audience is on the app. 

Over two billion global users, and 2.1 million in Ireland, isn’t a number you’ll want to ignore. Children, after all, have a major influence on their parents’ purchasing decisions. 

2. High Engagement

TikTok doesn’t only have a high number of users but also knows how to keep them engaged. It allows videos ranging from 15 seconds to 10 minutes and offers an infinite scrolling interface. According to a leaked TikTok pitch deck, TikTok users globally spend an average of 89 minutes per day on the app. This is one of the highest engagement rates of any social media platform.

3. Less Competition

Unfortunately, most businesses still see TikTok as an emerging platform and are “monitoring” its growth. Many businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SMEs), are yet to establish a presence on the platform. This is why developing a TikTok marketing strategy will help you to get a headstart on your competition, and gain leverage over more established bigger players in your industry.

4. Cheap and Easy to Learn  

TikTok majorly relies on user-generated trends involving music, lip-syncing, and graphics. This makes it easy for you to jump on trending content and promote your brand without blowing your marketing budget. The platform thrives on organic content so the cost of content creation is low.

5. Users Are Receptive To TikTok Ads

One thing that TikTok has gotten over the other social platforms is that it incentivizing creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. Content creators don’t know which of their videos could go viral. Users have welcomed this shift because it promotes authenticity and creativity. 

They also have a more favourable attitude towards TikTok ads because the ads blend with the content. They also feel more real and genuine. 52 percent of users say they found products from TikTok ads.

TikTok is no longer just about lip-syncing and dancing on TikTok. You can also find standup routines, educational content, video commentaries, life hacks, fashion showcases, and recipes among others on the platform. In a nutshell, TikTok elevates your video marketing.

An effective TikTok marketing strategy can help your business in:

1. Increasing brand awareness

2. Building engaged communities

3. Advertising products and services to target audiences

4. Selling products and services

5. Getting feedback from customers and audiences

6. Providing customer service

Now you know why you should have a TikTok marketing strategy in 2022, let’s look at how to market effectively on the platform.

How to Use TikTok for Marketing

There are a number of ways you can use TikTok that work well with the app’s audience and help you get discovered. Take a look at five TikTok marketing strategies you can use for your brand:

1. Run Hashtag Challenges

TikTok hashtags can help you to find your way into different For You pages. For a start, you can use the #fyp related hashtags then extend your reach by using niche-specific hashtags. However, it’s important to note that TikTok limits your video captions to 100 characters. So you should use your keywords and hashtags wisely. But you can use additional hashtags as comments.

Social listening can help you to gain reliable insights into which hashtags will resonate with your target audience. You can also start your own hashtags by using a hashtag generator.

2. Leverage User-Generated Content

You can also leverage user-generated content to push your brand and products on TikTok. The Duet and Stitch features make this possible. For example, Italian TikTok sensation Khaby Lame became a hit for hilarious responses to other TikTokers, mocking their “life hacks.”

While you won’t need to make fun of other users’ content, you can do duets and stitches with your biggest fans to generate a bigger organic reach while also making them feel seen. Win-win. Puma reshared their fans' attempts to recreate the Puma logo onto coffee using the Duet feature.

Lastly, you can reply to comments using a video. This feature enables you to highlight a funny comment or a frequently asked question.

3. Make Use of Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is still an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. And there’s no better place to leverage influencer marketing for brand growth than on TikTok. The platform is a hub for finding influencers you can collaborate with. Just check the TikTok creator marketplace. If your budget allows it, you can indulge in TikTok influencer marketing.

4. Creating Your Own TikToks

If you are looking for creative freedom that TikTok is best known for, then this is your best option. All you have to do is simply create a TikTok business account for your brand and start making your own organic content. You can show off your products and services, create day-inthe-life videos, and even have your staff participate in dance challenges. The sky is the limit if you choose to go with this option. If you need some inspiration, you can scroll through the For You page.

Follow these steps to set up a TikTok business account for your brand:

Register a normal TikTok account

Go to your profile page and select Settings and Privacy

Choose Manage Account

Under Account Control, select Switch to Business Account

Select the category that best describes your business, for example, Pets, Electronics, and Clothing & Accessories among others

5. Go for Paid Ads

If you have a budget, you can also leverage TikTok ads to reach your target audience. Similar to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ads, TikTok ads are based on a on a bidding model. You can make ads from as little as €10 per impression. 

You can use TikTok ads to drive traffic to your site, increase app installations, grow eCommerce sales, and attract new leads just like with other ad managers. There are different types of TikTok ads you can use for these. They include:

TopView Ads: These ads are located on the top of the For You page and offer the best brand visibility since the For You page is the starting point of every user. The ads can last up to a minute and offer a a distraction-free, fullscreen video experience.

In-Feed Ads: Unlike TopView ads, in-feed ads only last between nine to 15 seconds and are skippable after two seconds. So you need to convince users that you’re worth paying attention to within the first couple of seconds. The ads, similar to Instagram’s Stories ads, appear on the For You page in between other videos as users scroll through their feeds.

Branded Effects Ads: Branded Effects ads offer you a fun way to collaborate with other TikTokers to in their videos. It’s mostly used by popular or interesting brands that other users want to associate with. They range from special effects to filters and shareable stickers among other elements that users can add to their videos for a more fun and creative visual experience. 

Brand Takeover Ads: This is regarded as the king of TikTok ads. Brand Takeover ads appear as the very first video and are usually fullscreen. You can even choose to create the ad’s own hashtag challenge page when using this type of ads. It’s quite expensive but far-reaching compared to the other ads.

TikTok Marketing Best Practices

Now you know why you need TikTok marketing and how to do it, but what are some of the basic principles of TikTok marketing you should have in mind? There’s no such thing as a surefire marketing strategy and TikTok trends can seem random. However, the following best practices can help you get the best out of your TikTok marketing strategy:

Get familiar with TikTok

You can’t approach TikTok marketing the same way you do Facebook or Instagram marketing. They are different platforms with different features, user behaviours, and trends. You need to first understand how TikTok works, the different features you can leverage for your brand, and how to keep up with the trends. 

Set goals that align with your business objectives

The goal isn’t to just have a presence on TikTok. The goal is to leverage TikTok to achieve your marketing and business objectives. Clearly outline your business objectives and strategize on how TikTok marketing can help you to achieve them. Whether you’re planning to attract new leads, improve brand visibility and image, or develop product awareness. This will go a long way in helping you to determine whether to use organic content or paid ads.

Business accounts have access to analytics that can help them to make insightful decisions and see if they are achieving their goals.

Define your target audience

Before you start creating and putting out content, you need to define who you’re hoping to reach on the platform. Understand the platform’s demographics and identify users you might partner with. TikTok might be popular among teenagers, but it’s not a teenage app. Do proper research on your target audience.

Simply put, build buyer personas for your TikTok target audience.

Analyze your competitors

Do your competitors have a presence on TikTok? If yes, what are they doing different from you? If they aren’t, this is your opportunity to gain a competitive advantage. If your direct competitors don’t have a presence on TikTok, look at what similar brands are doing and learn from what’s working for them. A S.W.O.T. analysis can help you to to identify each strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

Post regularly and track your progress

Don’t let the good vibes on the platform mislead you. You need a solid content plan and calendar if you’re to achieve your marketing goals. Plan for new videos and make schedules for TikTok Lives. This will help you to deliver content consistently. 

Remember to track your progress. You need to know what’s working for you and tweak your strategy appropriately. Periodically check your analytics and see if you’re reaching your goals.

Create space to experiment

Lastly, leave room for experimenting. Just six years in the market, TikTok is still relatively new and no one has it fully figured out. So don’t let anyone lie to you that they have a sure formula for going viral on the platform. Leave room in your strategy for creativity, fun, and just going with the flow.

Learn as you go. 

You’re Now Ready For TikTok Marketing

TikTok marketing isn’t any different from your regular digital marketing efforts. You have to know your audience, find creative ways of engaging them, and ensure that you provide value. But you have to use TikTok-specific marketing tactics. This guide can help you to get started.

And if you’re all out of ideas, we can always help.

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