If you have made videos a part of your marketing plan, congrats for it is a step in the right direction. Engaging videos pack the punch and have the potential to charm your target audiences. You can use video marketing to get more leads and subsequently, more sales.

People are slowly losing the habit of reading long text blocks and prefer videos explaining various products and their advantages. Incorporating videos in your content strategy will help you drive maximum visitors to your site. Familiar with the latest innovations in marketing concepts and technologies, we enable you get the optimum value from your pounds.

It is high time you boost the value of your web estate with high quality profile videos, product reviews and how-to videos and increase manifold the chances of reaching out to your prospects.

Here is Why Videos Have Become Imperative

  • 64% of consumers who have watched product videos are more likely to complete purchases.
  • 74 out of 100 users who view explainer-videos may end up buying the product.
  • Videos make the visitors stay on the site for two minutes longer on average.
  • Videos make it faster to Google ranking compared to the usual text pages.

Why Choose Us

Understanding the potential of videos, we offer you services that precisely suit your requirements. We can assist you in video marketing from start to finish. Our set of services includes:

  • Industry standard video production and posting
  • Professional video script copywriting
  • YouTube channel creation
  • Existing video analysis
  • YouTube keyword research
  • Editing, resizing, and customising of videos
  • Embedding videos in blogs/articles
  • Social sharing of videos
  • Video submissions
  • Social bookmarking

Benefits of Associating with Us

Taking us on board will enable you get a plethora of advantages:

  • You get videos that serve as frontline salespersons for you. Our professionals know to make videos that easily capture attention of the audiences.
  • You can be sure of finding your videos in search rankings, both YouTube as well as Google.
  • Your website’s conversion rates get a boost.
  • Videos in your kitty are an asset in improving branding and customer loyalty.
  • You get video marketing services which are cost-effective yet uncompromising on quality.
  • Even if you have shot videos with a personal camera, we can transform these as professional product videos.

How We Are Different

Salt Marketing stands out because

  • We help you differentiate from competitors.
  • Our videos turn viewers into customers.
  • Our video marketing services personalise your brand and creates an image of authenticity.
  • We make it a point to include a clear call-to-action in videos.
  • Videos we make effectively showcase your product, service or sales pitch.


At Salt Marketing, we offer bespoke video marketing services for companies of all sizes. You can trust us for high quality, yet affordable video marketing. Shake hands with us to tell your story in a better way.