Website design and development in Cork

We'll create a website that perfectly portrays you and your company, from dynamic and interactive to sleek and professional.

Multiple in-house teams are our greatest competitive edge. UX/UI specialists contribute to the initial draft. It is sent to the developers following approval. Before the website goes live, our SEO team sends recommendations to make it fully SEO-optimized even before it goes live. Our distinctive designs separate you from the rest of the pack.

Stand out from the competition with a simple but dynamic web design. When it comes to website updates, Salt has also got you covered. Our amazing and experienced team of designers can help you choose the right design for your next big update.

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    Dynamic Website Design and Development

    Our web design and development services enable businesses of all sizes to stand out in a crowded market. Through our creative efforts, we strive to develop user-friendly websites that are tailored for optimal performance across devices — ensuring you reach all potential visitors!

    Search Engine Visibility

    We also build search engine optimization (SEO) principles into the backend of the website. This will help your site rank higher on Google, giving it the most exposure possible.

    User Experience

    Last but not least, your users can expect an interactive experience with delightful UX/UI.


    We focus on clear call to actions – designed from the ground up! Start creating an impactful website today by partnering with our experienced team now!