Did you know that 40.5% of all websites on the internet are powered by WordPress? (Source: W3Techs)

Looking to grow the digital footprint of your WordPress site? Are you doing a revamp to give it a new look and attract more visitors, or migrating from a different content management system (CMS)? Our WordPress SEO team is on standby to grow your site.

Leverage WordPress Built-In Capabilities

One of the main benefits of using WordPress is the seemingly endless array of choices that can be incorporated into the site. After all, it’s an open-source CMS powering over a third of all websites in existence today. But don’t get lost sifting through those numerous SEO plugins that have their features, tweaks and benefits. Get the pros who already know their way around to do it for you. Our WordPress SEO team uses the entire spectrum – from the coding to implementing the optimal plugins for your situations, and dealing with the technical issues of the site, so you won’t have to deal with all that hustle.

Want to get started?

Our WordPress SEO team will review the current structure of your site and the plugins that are in use. We will analyse the performance of the website, including its load time and speed, as well as produce reports showing you where you rank of the desired keywords. Our in-depth audit will also uncover functionalities within WordPress itself that may be bogging down your site, slowing it down and preventing it from being crawled properly by search engines.