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Brand awareness on the world's second-largest search engine

  • 2.3 billion
    Active monthly users on YouTube
    Source: Statista
  • 90%
    Consumers who say they’ve discovered new products or brands on YouTube
    Source: Think with Google
  • 55%
    Marketers who use YouTube to promote their brands and products.
    Source: Social Media Examiner

The Power of YouTube

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    There are plenty of reasons why YouTube should be part of your digital marketing strategy. For starters, it is the digital second most popular website on the planet going by Alexa's ranking of top sites with the most traffic – coming behind Google, which also owns it. It's also the #2 search engine in the world, with over half of its users accessing the app daily according to Statista. The platform reaches more millennials and Gen Zers than any TV network. Boomers have not been left behind, with 1 in 3 of them actually relying on YouTube to learn about products and services. Our YouTube advertising services will enable you to turn more views into conversions for your business.

    • Did you know that 62% of businesses use YouTube channels to post their video content? In fact, when it comes to businesses sharing video content, YouTube is the second most popular medium, coming in hot on the heels of Facebook. Given that video marketing is constantly evolving, you want to deal with a team that continuously gives you a competitive edge. SaltMarketing YouTube Ad campaign team stays on top of the developments with the platform, to employ best practices when creating and promoting videos for our business.

    Comprehensive YouTube Marketing Services

    SaltMarketing’s creative team will help you through the video creation process, including script writing and graphic creation. You can also give us your creative assets developed in-house, and we’ll proceed on with the marketing. The videos are optimized for search engines, with our marketing team carrying out keyword research for content that will be used for the video’s title, tags, description and the annotations. We will optimize both the videos and the YouTube channel itself.

    There are different video solutions to use when marketing on YouTube, such as TrueView for action campaigns that has been used by 260% more advertisers in 2020 alone. TrueView in particular features headline text overlays, prominent CTAs, plus an end screen to the video ads – which are optimal for generating leads. Other targeting features that are incorporated into the marketing strategy include audience matching which also utilises the data provided on your current customers, local targeting using location extensions, YouTube OTT (used for connected TV's), all through to YouTube Kids Targeting for business in the niche.

    Ad Campaign Setup and Management

    We will set up the YouTube ad campaigns through your Google Ads account, for which you will retain the Admin/owner access. Different advertising options can be used, including:

    • TrueView In-Display ads – they are shown next to the YouTube videos, and are only played when the user clicks on them to watch.
    • In-stream ads – these pop up within the video, and can be either skippable on non-skippable
    • Overlay In-Video ads – they are like AdWords text ads, so not technically “video" ads, but still included since they are shown within the videos.
    • Remarketing video ads – these particularly target users who have already seen your content on Google Display Network and engaged with it.

    Our team will assess the performance of your site's landing pages, monitor your PPC account settings, and also set you up with a bid strategy that will suit your budget, to give you a higher ROI on your ad spend.

    Keeping with the trends

    As with every social media platform, there will always be a different issue making the waves. We can ride it to bolster the performance of the videos. Our YouTube marketing team keeps up to date with the trending news and topics, and tailors the ads to take advantage of this to generate more traffic.

    Routine Performance Reports

    We will keep you abreast with how the advertising campaign is going. This includes the strategies that are being used for the campaign, the results obtained from the processes being implemented, as well as any adjustments that are made along the way. Different metrics are used when assessing the campaign, including the video views – which are tallied for the ads that are clicked or watched for at least 30 seconds; impressions – which look at how many times the ads were shown; the view rate – which is a percentage of the views from the total impressions; to earned actions such as the likes, subscriptions and additional views that are as a result of that first view – which indicate more interested in your business or product.

    Tools like Google Analytics are used when tracking the campaign and measuring its success. SaltMarketing team will also share with you more opportunities that will improve the performance of your social media marketing plan.

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